Frequently Asked Questions

What am I allowed to show and describe on oleck.net?

On oleck.net you may show pictures of your costumed / configured / created motorcycle, sidecar or trike. Vehicles without any homologation are accepted too.

What is not allowed to show or describe on oleck.net?

Oleck.net doesn’t accept any texts nor images with content outside of the main topic of oleck.net. Oleck.net reserves the right to refuse such contributions. Disassembled bikes, vehicles currently under construction or bikes without visible change will not be published or rejected.

Who can show his conversion on oleck.net?

For oleck.net all conversions are interesting, whether mortal gearhead from the garage or a professional with his own business.
However, please declare yourself as a “Dealer” in the application form if you’re runnning a professional business!

Why can’t I find my project immediately published in the archive?

After you’ve released your project for us, we’ll check it. Then your project will be published in the archive as soon as possible.

How long must I wait until I’ll see my project published in the archive?

We try to check your project as soon as possible. That should be done in between 72 hours.

Why does the upload by Smartphone work poorly or even not?

That depends on your smartphone and the according operating system. We try to fix that and recommend to work from a PC in doubt.

Why is the upload of pictures taking so long?

That depends on how large your file is. The bigger, the longer the upload. Ideal are image sizes of 800 × 600 pixels in landscape mode.

What information does the public get from me to see?

Your personal data will not be published. Only the selected Username is visible.

Can I publish my own website or my contact information in the description?

This is up to you. If you’re looking for like-minded people or contact you may do that. But please note: Your information should have to do with the topic!

Will I’ve to pay a contribution someday?

No, oleck.net is and remains free for all users.

My bike is not finished yet, can I create a project?

This archive is intended for completed or rebuilt vehicles. To see and be seen is our priority. However, missing minor details will be tolerated.

I didn’t customized by myself – may I still show my project on oleck.net?

Don’t worry, that doesn’t really matters. If you like, you may put a hint in the description to the one who helped you or even built your baby.

Can I publish my project also as an offer for sale?

No, you can’t. Please have a look for another portal. However, oleck.net increases fame and attraction …

How can I delete my project?

Please contact us via the contact form and we’ll delete it for you.

Who is hiding behind the curtain of oleck.net?

Oleck.net stands for two good friends who are keen on a Custom-Bike-Archive for Joe Public, the average screwdriver. For this buddy are tolerance and respect not just words.