The Hustler

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The Hustler - A Kawasaki GPZ500S frame shoehorned under the shell of a Lambretta GP200. To get it all hidden under the shell it has been stretched by 13cm and widened by 4cmwhile the swingarm is shortened. Dual disc brakes by Casa Performance on the front end and a Honda CB400 rear hub including the cush drive. Shifting is done by a Translogic powershifter. All electrics are from motogadget including a keyless go RFID lock. To be more precise m.unit, m.lock, m.disc, m.button and a chronoscope classic. The seat is custom made and the paint scheme is from the 2006 #24 DuPont Nascar/Winston Cup Chevrolet. The chain drive ratio has been changed in order to meet the speed index of the tires which is a max of 160km/h giving it a fine acceleration. The Engine was left untouched, only larger exhaust pipes have been used and some K&N filters are installed. It is still at beefy 60HP. The radiator is located under the floorboard. Its position needs to be altered a bit as cornering is an issue.
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  • It´s a: Motorcycle
  • License: Streetbike
  • From: 1962
  • Make: Lambretta / Kawasaki
  • Model: GP500Z
  • Rebuild: 2018